Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bad News Everyone

Unfortunately the rhythm section of the band has decided not to go forward with the project. This has come as a great disappointment especially because we have been looking for so long. However we are in contact with other people at this time and are still looking to go forward. As you know we have 14 songs that are completely written and WE WILL BE RECORDING whether we have a full time band or not. Andrew and I are not slowing down for anything so keep checking back for updates and new tracks also give us a shoutout and join the fanclub at and we will send you exclusive tracks and some other cool stuff as it becomes available. Thanks everyone and keep rockin.


  1. Wait what are you not going through with?

  2. That's pretty weak, bro. Keep moving forward, though. Don't let this slow you down. I look forward to hearing these tracks.